Become a member – Advantages

If you intend to become an APAF Member, you should submit your application:

  1. Fill in the APAF Member application form here
  2. Your application will be considered by the APAF Board and the decision will be communicated to you as soon as possible
  3. If approved, your application is considered official after the payment of the registration fee (€ 25.00) and the annual fee of APAF members (€ 40.00)
  4. The payment can be made by bank transfer to the APAF’s corresponding IBAN (PT50 0018 000009374841001 82) or by generating a “MB reference” directly in your private area
  5. Send your proof of payment to and you will receive the respective receipt
  6. From that moment on, you will become a full member and receive all information, invitations and notifications regarding our activities and events

Currently, APAF has an active campaign in which offers the 2023 enrollment fee and membership fee to all those who hold the European Financial Analyst Certificate (CEFA) and wish to become APAF members.

If you want to apply this campaign, contact us at

Professionals’ representation

APAF is the “face” of the financial analyst, the privileged interlocutor in defending the interests of these professionals and the agent that promotes the necessary changes for the development of the financial analysis activity.

We are the reference entity in Portugal that represents professionals in financial analysis and investment consultancy before various institutions, namely the CMVM, as well as international associations representing this professional sector, such as ACIIA - Association of Certified International Investment Analysts and a EFFAS - European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies.

Professional certification of financial analysts

The professional practice of financial analysis and investment advisory activity assumes that these professionals have a certificate recognized by the CMVM, such as the certificate issued by EFFAS (Certified European Financial Analyst - CEFA Certificate). EFFAS is a certifying entity of internationally recognized prestige of which APAF is a member.

The CEFA Certificate can be obtained, through APAF, successfully completing the Postgraduate Course in Financial Analysis taught by Porto Business School or IDEFE-ISEG.

Specialized training for members

The training regularly promoted by APAF enhances the employability and professional development of its members.

APAF helps financial analysts and investment advisers to keep their professional knowledge up to date.

In this sense, we have an essential function in terms of training, promoting the permanent updating of the technical knowledge and ethical principles of our associates.

Promotion of the financial analyst activity

We promote the development of the financial analysis activity, namely by organizing meetings between financial analysts throughout the year to exchange experiences and knowledge on topics relevant to the exercise of the profession.

APAF assumes itself as a privileged networking space for all its members.

Up-to-date information for members

It is the duty of APAF to keep financial analysts and consultants, up to date with information of legal and economic nature, that is relevant to the exercise of its activity.

We proactively monitor the evolution of the legal and economic framework of the financial analyst's activity and make this information available to all our associates.

Internationalization of the activity

APAF is strongly committed in promoting the international projection of its member asscoiates, a mission that, in the current economic and financial context, is extremely relevant. In this sense, we work with foreign counterparts, namely associations from Portuguese-speaking countries, with a view to internationalizing the activity of the Portuguese financial analyst.

Cooperation with other entities and professional associations

APAF cooperates with all entities that perform a relevant mission in the Portuguese financial system, as well as with other professional associations, namely the Order of Economists or the Order of Chartered Accountants. APAF also cooperates with associations representing other sectors of activity in the capital market.